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About Us

Welcome to CEEPSI

Centre for Entrepreneurial Educational Programmes and Studies Initiative

CEEPSI is a Not for Profit Organization (NPO). It is a massive organization of individuals that believe in the ability endowed in each other to survive and achieve life purpose no matter what. CEEPSI is a group of people that agreed to bring out the best in their members, first, by identifying the talents in them and secondly, to train them in their chosen career or business. We are driven by the passion to develop individual talents and use it to develop communities through entrepreneurial skills.

This group is tired of the whining and grumblings by individuals without any positive efforts towards a positive change. We strongly believe that if you can change everything will change for you. We want to lead the way while others follow. We want to be the example in creativity and innovation than to continue to criticizing the Government for doing nothing.

God made you for a reason and for a purpose. And there is no better time to fulfill that purpose than now. We have to put our lives in our hands. The reason you are born is that God believed in you and trusts you to be a solution to World at large. We cannot continue to shy away from it. Time has come for all of us to come and join hands to build each other as well as our communities. Whether educated or not; whether black or white; whether male or female; come and join hands and build Entrepreneurs and business collaborations.

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Mission & Vision

To organise human talents and ideas into a purposeful productivity for community developments and improve human living.
To innovate ideas into a great Networks of Business Corporations

Our Beliefs

We are individuals that have the interest of members at heart and believe that;
  • 1. Change starts from me. When you change, everything will change.
  • 2. Excuses are lies we tell ourselves.
  • 3. Profits are better than wages
  • 4. I owe myself a duty to do well in life
  • 5. Each one can teach one and each one can reach one.
  • 6. We are wired to add value to human Race.
  • 7. We learn to do well in Life
  • Our Strategy

  • 1. Identify schools and communities to partner with
  • 2. Identify good business ideas and assist in establishing them.
  • 3. Assist the Entrepreneur with training on the skills required for the business
  • 4. Assist the entrepreneur with equipment and tools for ease of Business
  • 5. To bring community development through Entrepreneurship
  • 6. To provide job through Entrepreneurial skills
  • 7. To carry out research on new ideas and businesses
  • Our Goals

    The initiative aims to promote excellence entrepreneurship and community develop across Africa. One of its driving aspirations is the improvement of the business skills and product standards across Africa.

    • To be the solution to unemployment and community development.
    • To improve the standard of production and services.
    • To innovate and re-engineer the way of doing business.
    • To help individuals establish entrepreneurial businesses of international standard.
    • To create new products and services to satisfy the yearnings of the whole World.
    • To bring community development through Entrepreneurship.

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